Minsk is the capital of Belarus

Minsk is the capital of Belarus and the biggest city of the country with more than 2 million inhabitants. The first mention of the town of Minsk was in 1067, consequently it is older than many European cities like Moscow and Stockholm. The city was practically fully destroyed in the II World War and was rebuilt during the Soviet time. Nowadays Minsk is the cultural, educational, sports, political, scientific center of the country.



Currenc: Belarusian ruble

Currency rates: 1 US dollar – 2.07 belarusian rubles

1 euro – 2,28 belarusian rubles

Time: GMT +3

Bank cards: VISA and MasterCard

Taxi Phone: 107, 135, 152, 155, 157, 7788, 7565

Car rental: International driver license will be required when renting.

Electricity: The electric system in Belarus is 220V. Please, notice that a two-pin plug system is used.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted indoors in public buildings, transport and other places open to the public, restaurants and bars, except special smoking zones.

How to get there

Minsk National Airport accepts 60 direct flights operated by 19 airlines. From the airport, Minsk can be reached by buses (300E) and minibuses (1400-TK or 1430-TK), which run 20-30 minutes and arrive at the Central Bus Station. A ticket can be bought at the terminal at the airport or from the driver for cash.

Citizens of 74 countries of the world can enter the Republic of Belarus in a visa-free regime for up to 30 days through the Minsk National Airport. A visa-free regime does not apply to persons arriving in Belarus with Russian flights.

The Minsk-Passenger Railway Station is located in the very center of the city – 3 Privokzalnaya Square. Near the railway station is the metro station “Lenin Square”.

Public transport in Minsk. In Minsk you can travel by trams, trolleybuses, metro, buses. To pay for travel, one-time coupons (in ground transport) and tokens (in the subway) are used, which are sold in kiosks at stops and in the subway. The speed skating stadium can be reached by bus number 1 from the station (stop “University of Physical Education” or “Minsk Arena”) or by minibus number 56.

What you need to do in Minsk to get an unforgettable experience of the city

1. Enjoy city views and dinner at one of the Minsk restaurants “Balcony” (6 Bobruiskaya (Galileo shopping center, 5th floor), “Panorama” (15 Storozhevskaya street), “The view” (7A Pobediteley avenue).

2. Get acquainted with the Belarusian cuisine in the national cuisine restaurants “Kuhmistr” (K. Marx St., 40), “Grunwald” (K. Marx St., 19), “Talaka” (18 Rakovskaya St.), “Litvin” (119 Pobediteley Avenue), Vasilki restaurant chain (89 Independence Avenue, 16 Independence Avenue, 9 Pobediteley Avenue).

3. Learn the recipe for the most delicious cocktail on the most party street in Minsk – Zybitskaya.

4. Buy souvenirs with Belarusian ornaments at the tourist information center at the railway station.

5. Climb to the observation deck of the most avant-garde building in the capital, a symbol of the city – the National Library of Belarus (116 Independence Avenue).

6. To collect a collection of photos on the background of graffiti of the street of October.

7. Eat sweets in the cafe “Gourmand” Independence Avenue, 19.

8. Explore the main attractions of the Belarusian capital.