ISU World CUP Speedskating 2018

с 17.03.2018 по 18.03.2018
Minsk, Belarus

The Belarus Skating Club community invites you to spend an exciting skating time in Minsk, Belarus during the ISU World Cup Speed Skating Final and the 4th World University Speed Skating Championships.

Packages for fans:

The International Skating Union has again given the right to host one of the largest speed skating starts to the Republic of Belarus.

The Minsk-Arena multifunctional culture and sports complex will host the final stage of the World Cup on the ice of the Speed Skating Stadium on March 17-18, 2018. This sports event will complete the Olympic skating season.

It is expected that more than 80 athletes from 16 countries will participate in the tournament. There will be the reigning winners and prize-winners of the 2018 Olympics and the World Championships among the participants.

Traditionally, speed skating leaders are representatives of the Netherlands, Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Canada and the United States of America.

However, in recent years Belarusian skaters have been providing keen and tough competition. In the upcoming tournament our country will be represented by Marina Zueva and Ignat Golovatyuk, the participants of the 2018 Olympics, world-class athletes, record-holders of the country.

For more information visit the official site of International skating union

Ticket price is 15-30 BYN.

One-day ticket – 15 BYN.

Two-days ticket – 20-30 BYN (depending on the seat).

Minsk arena tickets: +375 17 279 06 17, 279-06-21

Other ticket operators:


Preliminary group requests and info: +375 17 202 40 98 (tel./fax)


Provisional Time schedule 17-18 March 2018 - download (PDF)

17 March 2018

DRAW LADIES 500m (DIVISION A) - download (PDF)

DRAW LADIES 1000m (DIVISION A) - download (PDF)

DRAW LADIES 3000m (DIVISION A) - download (PDF)

Ladies Team Pursuit Draw - download (PDF)

DRAW MEN 500m (DIVISION A) - download (PDF)

DRAW MEN 1000m (DIVISION A) - download (PDF)

DRAW MEN 5000m (DIVISION A) - download (PDF)

Men Team Pursuit Draw - download (PDF)

18 March 2018 (2nd Race)

DRAW LADIES 500m - download (PDF)

DRAW LADIES 1500m - download (PDF)

Ladies Mass Start - download (PDF)

Ladies Team Sprint - download (PDF)

DRAW MEN 500m - download (PDF)

DRAW MEN 1500m - download (PDF)

Men Mass Start - download (PDF)

Men Team Sprint - download (PDF)

ISU World CUP Speedskating 2018 Time Schedule

17th March 18th March
14.30 opening ceremony 15.00-15.12 500 m (ladies) (2)
15.00-15.12 500 m (ladies) (1) 15.17-15.29 500 m (men) (2)
15.17-15.29 500 m (men) (1) 15.57-16.17 1500 m (ladies)
15.49-16.03 team pursuit (ladies) 16.22-16.42 1500 m (men)
16.08-16.22 team pursuit (men) 17.10-17.25 team sprint (ladies)
16.50-17.06 1000 m (ladies) 17.30-17.39 team sprint (men)
17.11-17.27 1000 m (men) 17.59-18.09 16 laps (ladies)
17.55-18.28 3000 m (ladies) 18.19-18.29 16 laps (men)
18.52-19.40 5000 m (men)    

Competition results will be availible here:

Skating Union of Belarus
Pobediteley ave. 111, 220020, Minsk
Cell phone.: +375 29 610 86 08
Tel./Fax: +375 17 369 61 94


Accreditation, transportation, accommodation
Evgenia Tkachenko
Cell phone: +375 29 355 36 93


Media information, fans
Catherine Stefanovskaya
Cell phone: +375 33 383 88 48

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