Media release of the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating - September, 22

Today, on the 22nd of September, the second day of the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating «Minsk Arena Cup 2017» has passed.

The second day of the competition was marked with no less memorable programme than the first one. It started with the Pairs Short Program. The first place went to the duet from Russia Anastasia Poluianova/ Dmitry Sopot (the score was 56.37). One more Russian duet Daria Pavluchenko / Denis Khodykin were on the second position (the score was 56.29). The third place was given to a pair from China Feiyao Tang/ Yongchao Yang (54.00 points).

The competition continued with the Ladies Free Skating. As a result, after two programs the participant from Russia Alexandra Trusova overcame her competitors (the score was 196.32). The second place belonged to a Japanese contestant Nana Araki (183.00 points). Another figure-skater from Russia Stanislava Konstantinova finished up in the third place (the score was 181.98). Our country was represented by three young athletes: Lizaveta Malinouskaya was the 20th (the score was 106.67), Aliaksandra Chepeleva, who took the 23rd  place (with the score of 97.79), whilst Hanna Poroshina became the 29th with 84.20 points.

The second day of the contest ended with the Ice Dance Free Skating. Belarusian participants were Emiliya Kalehanova / Uladislau Palkhouski, who took the 7th position (108.87 points), and Karina Sidarenka / Maksim Yalenich who were the 13th (with 78.09 points). The representatives of the USA Christina Carreira / Anthony Ponomarenko showed the best result (the score was 150.05). The second place belonged to contestants from Russia Anastasia Skoptcova / Kirill Aleshin (143.64 points). The representatives from Russia as well Arina Ushakova / Maksim Nekrasov took the third place (the score was 142.94).


Ice Dance Final Results 22.09

Ladies Final Results 22.09

Pairs Short Program Results 22.09

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