Procedure for obtaining visas to enter the Republic of Belarus

To obtain an entry visa, a foreign citizen should submit the following documents to a visa issuing authority:

1) one copy of a duly completed visa application form

2) one photograph [requirements: size 35x45 mm, full face, against an even light background, high resolution, no corrugation or ink allowed, 70 — 80 percent of the picture placed vertically, 6 months-older photos not accepted];

3) a foreign travel document; [a foreign travel document, submitted by the foreign citizen, must:
contain a photograph of the owner. In case minors accompanying the foreigner are included into the entry visa, the foreign travel document should contain photographs of those persons;
have at least two blank pages intended for visas;
the document shall be valid as long as at least 90 days after the expected date of departure of a foreign citizen from the Republic of Belarus.

4) medical insurance contract concluded with RUE“Belgosstrakh“or“Beleximgarant“or medical insurance contract concluded with any foreign insurance organization;

5) visa support documents.

Upon the decision of the consular officer citizens of migration-secure states can receive business visa, private visa or visa for participation in sport or cultural activities for the period of up to 30 days without supporting documents, that confirm the purpose and conditions of travel.

6) additional documents required for issuance of  an entry visa (at the request of a consular officer);

7) a confirmation of the consular fee paid.

More information about getting visa you can read here:

If you require an official invitation issued to assist with the visa process please contact Olga Chernaya at Skating Union of Belarus at

Pay attention! If you want to get Belarus visa at the "National Airport Minsk" you need to contact organizing committee in advance. We will send to the airport visa support documents for you (without these documents Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not issue a visa).