The ISU European Speed Skating Championships will take place in the unique complex Minsk-Arena. It includes three main objects: a multi-sports arena for 15,000 spectators, a speed skating stadium for up to 3,000 spectators and a velodrome at 2,000 spectators.


Ultra-modern complex equipment that meets the highest professional standards, allows to host any sports, cultural and entertainment events.

The World Junior Figure Skating Championships was held in March 2012 in the hockey arena and in May 2014 Minsk-Arena became the main ice rink during the Ice Hockey World Championship. In 2015 the complex hosted the AMF Futsal World Cup and the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships which also were held at the top level.

The velodrome also has considerable experience in major international competitions. The UEC European Track Cycling Championships were held here in July 2009 and in February 2013 the velodrome hosted the UCI Track Cycling World Championships, the second most prestigious cyclists’ competition after the Olympic Games.


The speed skating stadium is the first indoor skating stadium with a 400-meter track in Belarus.

The major international competitions were held at the ice of speed skating stadium:

- The International Short Track Competition – Evo Cup (October 2012),

- The Junior Grand Prix Figure Skating Championships (September 2013).,

- The Junior World Cup Speed ​​Skating Championships (November 2012, December 2014).


The width of the track is 9.5 m. and the total ice area is ​​10 000 m2. The unique equipment is set at the stadium, allowing to control the ice temperature in the different areas, so that the athletes from various sports could train at the same time. Each sport requires a certain ice temperature: skating requires from minus 3 degrees, curling - minus 4-5 degrees, hockey - minus 7-8, speed skating - minus 12 degrees.

There are rooms with the mountain air at the skating stadium, which have no analogues in the Republic of Belarus. They are unique and valuable for their therapeutic properties particularly for our athletes. French production equipment delivers air from 0 to 5000 meters above sea level and due to its characteristics the air composition сcorresponds to the mountain air. And now all our athletes have the opportunity to train in highland conditions.

Adress: 111 Pobeditelei Avenue,220020, Minsk, Belarus